Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I've started a copywriting business!

Hi everyone!
Just to let you know that, while I'm still working in Sydney's premier real estate market, I also have a business up and running as a copywriter. The company is called "Logocracy Copywriting" and specialise in blogs, SEO, websites, brochures and any other form of advertised script or prose. I have just launched a facebook page which would be great if you could "like" it! I will be posting blogs and interesting articles on the world of copywriting and advertising.
"Like" the page at www.facebook.com/logocracy

If you are curious about the name, Logocracy comes from the Greek words "Logos" - "words" and "Kratos" - "to rule by". Therefore the name "Logocracy" means "to rule by words" hence the corny slogan "do your words rule?" and the logo which is a fountain pen with an exclamation mark, but also looks like a crown.
I'd love to hear any feedback on this blog, the articles or anything on copywriting. If you are looking for a copywriter for your business, you can contact me on the facebook page or email: logocracycopywriting@gmail.com

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