Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Hitler House!

Here's something a little quirky!
A home owner in Wales has become an overnight Internet sensation when a pedestrian walking past his house noticed that the home bared an uncanny resemblance to the former Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler.
While home owner Clive Davies remained oblivious to his homes fame, the photo of the house went viral to thousands of people via Twitter. He was later told by his son and daughter-in-law after his son spotted a picture of the house in a newspaper in Kabul, Afghanistan.
"I have never noticed any similarity before and most people who pass by are so close they probably never notice." Davies told a local newspaper, "Some people say they can see images of Jesus Christ on items such as toast, and I suppose it is just a variation on a theme."
The home has been with the family for nearly half a century and is the last home in a row of terraces. Mr. Davies later commented "I don't really think it looks like Hitler."

What do you think?

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