Tuesday, February 22, 2011

World's Most Expensive Dog Kennel

One of the reasons why Balmain is popular with European ex-pats is that the peninsula feels like a European town. When I was in Paris, I couldn't help but notice that welcoming acceptance of dogs into places such as bars and cafes. Balmain in this sense is a little bit like Paris and the friendly pooches we see on Darling Street all look well groomed and well fed. But despite our love affair with our four legged friends, I doubt that any of us would spend one quarter of our homes value on a dog house!

This is exactly what has been done by a home owner in Gloucester shire, England. Built to house two Great Danes, the kennel has some luxury features that most people don't have in their homes. To gain access, the dogs must enter via a retinal scanner that prevents nosey canine neighbours from enjoying the facilities! Once inside, the pampered pooches can relax in their own 18 inch saline spa while listening to Baha Mens - Who Let The Dogs Out on a $230,000 stereo system. Their beds are lined with sheepskin and are temperature controlled for comfort, while the two "bedrooms" offer views across the countryside. The "kitchen" contains automated food dispensers that self clean, while the water is purified and chilled. If this is not enough to make Rover happy, there is also a 52-inch Plasma television for the dogs to unwind after a hard day's bone burying. The dog's favourite films? Air Bud and Beethoven!

At a cost of nearly $400,000, you can put me in dog house anytime!

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