Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The World's Most Expensive Coffee

Question: What drink would you expect to see a real estate agent in Balmain drinking? A staple for Balmain real estate agents is obviously the double shot soy mocha latte with cinnamon, just don't get any froth on my bluetooth earpiece! Duh!

Balmain and coffee go hand and hand with each other, from Bertoni's to the Little Marionette to Cafe Berlin; the whole of Balmain loves coffee and we have some great local brewers of the black stuff.

But what is the most expensive coffee in the world?
Surprisingly, it isn't from Columbia or Africa but in fact Indonesia! Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world but it's not the location that makes it special, it's how it's made. "Kopi" is the Indonesian word for "Coffee" while "Luwak" is the name of a local palm civet (a type of weasel-like animal).

*Yuk Warning* The coffee is made from coffee beans that have been eaten and partly digested, then excreted by the civet. Apparently, the digestion process of the civet dissolves the outer layer of the coffee bean, removing the traditional bitter flavour of coffee. The beans are then collected from the dung of the civet and sold by the locals. One kilogram bag could set you back by $300 and a cup retails around $50.

Unless you are Bear Grylls, I don't think anyone would find this strange brew a rewarding experience!

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  1. Coffee is a drink most of us love.Kopi Luwak Coffee tastes sweet and aromatic which is only be found in the island of Sumatra and is recognized world wide as an astonishing discovery. It is the world’s most expensive coffee cause of its unique processing of the coffee bean. I’ve read reviews about it and it’s all good.