Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Social Media & Real Estate

Real estate is a business that is all about being noticed and providing customers with the best access to our services. One thing that is new to the industry is the addition of social media sites like Twitter, linkedin and Facebook as a tool to build a client base and promote our stock. This is an area that we at Sarah Lorden are looking into seriously and I have taken on the role to explore this new medium to its full potential.
So I then pose a question to you - what sort of information would you like to receive from your real estate agent's Twitter or Facebook account? News on properties and market news? Or peices and comments on community happenings? Or special topics on the industry and area?

This is a topic that I would love to hear your feedback on so we can make this work for you. Would you follow us on Twitter or Facebook? And if so, what type of information would you like to receive?

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